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Photographs by
Jillian Clark

"Grandmother - December, 2018" © 2018 Jillian Clark

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AGE: The Grandmother Project / Jillian Clark

The grandmother project was born out of the brains of Jillian and makeup artist Jessica Davis.

It all started when Jillian decided to admit herself to an outpatient program for eating disorders, and wanted to “reclaim” her body through photographs before admission.Her friend Bryce Chapman, an incredibly talented digital and film photographer and retoucher based on the coast of North Carolina, came and photographed her one month before treatment began, and Jessica came along to do makeup.

“I hadn’t realized until that day that I’d never really had a full face of makeup and the false lashes and everything, and although I was in such a weird place with my body dysmorphia, I told Jessica and Bryce how good I felt.

”Jessica let Jillian know just a couple days after posting one of the portraits by Bryce that she’d been contacted by multiple women of more mature ages that they wanted more “glamorous” photos like Jillian’s.

“It was then that we hadthe idea to do an entire beauty and fashion series of grandmothers,” said Jillian. “But we didn’t know it was going to be emotional.

”Two moments that really impacted Jillian and Jessica while shooting:

“Areon Mobasher, a friend of mine and grandson of his Persian grandmother who spoke barely any english, texted me from their van after the shoot and said--My grandma is crying in the car!Jessica and I were so worried, but Areon assured us it was becauseshe said she “felt so beautiful”.”

“One of our favorite subjects was Sally Salang, whose husband Bob lit up my tiny studio with a constant smile, cracking jokes about “the old days” and just watching the shoot while he played some of my guitars and sangto his great grandson.When Sally got in front of the camera, he started to tear up, saying he hadn’t seen her feel that good about herself in a long time, especially since undergoing chemotherapy.

”Jillian and Jessica have worked together for years and over time started to notice a lack of representation of more mature women in the beauty and fashion industry and wanted to take editorial beauty and fashion portraits of grandmothers of a range of ages, to give them a unique experience and get their perspectives on beauty and aging. Jillian and Jessica hope to encourage many more “mature” women to get in front of a camera lens at least once in their life—just for themselves.

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