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In The Shadow Of The Moon
Photographs by
Avery Danziger

"Cabo de Gata #1 —11:40pm  - Andalucía, Spain" © 2008 Avery Danziger

Meet the Artist
Friday, May 17, 2019 from 6:00 - 9:00 pm

Artist's Talk begins at 7:30 pm

Through This Lens is proud to partner and support the Triangle Land Conservancy to present the nighttime, moonlit photographs taken by Mr. Danziger at Jockey's Ridge, NC and Cabo De Gata in Andalucía, Spain.  

This is Mr Danziger's first NC one person exhibition.


Since 1983, Triangle Land Conservancy has worked to save the places you love and the land we need to safeguard, clean water, protect natural habitats, support local farms and food, and connect people with nature.

25% of the sales from this exhibition will be donated to the Triangle Land Conservancy

Mr Danziger's photographs are in the permanent collections of museums worldwide including : 

The Museum of Modern Art - NYC, The Smithsonian - Washington DC - The Museum of Fine Arts  - Houston, The Stedelijk Museum - Amsterdam, and The Mint Museum - Charlotte

Artist Statement

Jockey's Ridge, NC 

In 2007 & 2008 I visited my brother in North Carolina, where I grew up.  Before leaving, I decided to photograph Jockey’s Ridge, the largest sand dune on the eastern seaboard, located near Kitty Hawk on the Outer Banks.  I timed my visit for the full moon and photographed the dune between Sunset and 5:30am, the only visitor, at that time, in the 5 sq. mile National Park. 

 Upon seeing the work for the first time, many believe these photographs to be multiple exposures or some other form of externally manipulated imagery, but they are not. As with all my prior work, there are no double exposures or Photoshop trickery with these images.  

Theses photographs of Jockey’s Ridge are single time exposures, I used a tripod which enabled the images to become minute slices of time, their duration suggested by the tiny streaks of the stars, billowing clouds, and the blowing tufts of grass.  

 The glow of a far-off city mimics and foreshadows the inevitable dawn... 


Cabo de Gata, Andalucía, Spain  

 These images from Spain are not precisely captured moments in time, the antithesis of the proverbial “Decisive Moment”. 

Instead of using a strobe (flash) to isolate part of the image as in my past work, these newest works were all made using very long time exposures and a hand held 35mm camera, with only moonlight and a small flashlight for illumination.  While holding the camera in one hand, I “stroked” the parts of the image that I wanted to freeze with the flashlight (the crests of the waves) while exposing the background using only moonlight for illumination. 

The resulting images are constructed within the single exposure. The multiple waves seen are actually one wave, stroked with a flashlight at multiple locations in the same frame.


For more information about Avery Danziger's work, visit https://www.

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