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Lucia Marcus
Camera Lens, Brush Mind

Local painter and photographer and mixed-media artist, Lucia Marcus: Her new exhibit features glass paintings, mixed-media pieces, and photographs.  In the artist's words, "[t]he exhibit showcases my ability to use photographic imagery in a variety of ways with various materials, while maintaining the liveliness of life drawing."
on display through December 24, 2017

Karen Klinedinst
Emotional Landscapes

Karen Klinedinst is a photographer based in Baltimore, Maryland.  Her landscape photographs, inspired by 19th century painters, were made with an iPhone camera.  In her words, "[m]y approach is not about capturing reality, but creating a neo-Romantic world reflective of my memory and imagination." These very painterly photographs effectively show how photography can start with simple tools and end with emotion.
on display through December 24, 2017



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