Crabapples photo © JJ Raia
Crabapples © JJ Raia

J.J. Raia
Artist Statement

There are times in our experience when a separation exists between ourselves and life beyond our immediate surroundings. It is not so much of isolation, but a feeling that life outside of where we are at the moment cannot penetrate this sanctuary. Time seems to stand still while we are completely engaged, both emotionally and spiritually, with what has garnered our attention. For me, these occasions occur more often than not, when surrounded by the natural world and there is an undeniable direct connection to the distant past with its rhythms of birth, growth and decay that have occurred for eons. I am more likely to think in terms of millennia rather than centuries, and imagine mountain ranges migrating stone by stone to the sea. I see a forest and visualize a family of evergreens living among the clans of maples and oaks, each having their young protected by the mature who also help hold up their elders as they lean in old age. It is this connection with the silent passage of time that deepens the moment and begs to be recorded. If for just a moment, the soul can be touched by these photographs as it was when they were taken, then that sanctuary has been shared and savored.


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