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Photo of Dr. Bernard Herman working on one of his photographs
Working at Modifying and Image © Bernard Herman

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A sad addendum to information about Dr. Herman: We have been notified by his daughter, Mimi Herman, that Bernard Herman passed away on Sunday, December 6, 2015. He will be missed by any who knew him and remembered for his spirit and humility as well as his art.

We continue to show some of Dr. Herman's work, so please ask to see it during your next visit to Through This Lens.

The text below was published at the time of Dr. Herman's exhibition at Through This Len in 2014:

Experiments in Color and Form
Photographs by Dr. Bernard Herman

March 21 – April 5, 2014

Dr. Herman has spent his time split between art, family and medical profession. Perhaps his medical training gave him ad edge in the delicate way he handled photography, and the uncommon, if not remarkable techniques he developed to produce his later prints.

Dr. Herman refers to himself as a photographist. I believe than can be interpreted as photogrphic artist. His range of work speaks to that idea. At one time he had worked in wood block printing, but gave that up because it took too much work to produce an image. Given his approach to photography, one must question whether is was the time, or the flexibility of the photographic medium that led to the change. Dr. Herman has been making photographs and until about two years ago, and making his own prints for forty years or more.

Abstract Expressionism comes to mind when I see many of his later color prints - and I think that will be obvious when you see them too. How he arrived at his final prints is not common: Always shooting black & white film, then working in his darkroom, he added colors, by hand, to some of his negatives. He then made his own "C" prints using traditional color paper. The result is truly unlike any other photographs that I've seen.

In a recent interview, Dr. Herman mentioned many times that his goal was pleasure from his work. He made images to satisfiy himself, not the public, so this is a window into an artist's inner self. Come see the beauty and imagination represented through his photographs.

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