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mamoth by eleanor mills
Mamoth © 2013 Eleanor Mills

Five Mona Lisas
Four Enigmas
and Some Juicy Surfaces

photographs by Eleanor Mills

February 21 through March 15, 2014
A reception for the artist will be held Friday,
February 21 from 6-9 PM

The Mona Lisa's are a playful expression of modern portraiture toying with class and history using digital photography substituting for oil paints and lovingly framed in hand-made re-purposed materials. The gold-gilding and elaborate tooling speaks to a different country and life-style. These are modern women who run your office, teach your children, drive the school bus and make your community function. The Mona Lisa's are a modern interpretation of the elusive, secret smile. Of course, the frames are part of the art - and each one is unique.

Four Enigmas, each about observing the power of Water, illustrates the curve and beauty found in this most basic, natural element. 

Eleanor worked with two other photographers to create the work on Juicy Surfaces. They played together with gooey stuff, power tools, sponges, scissors and razor-sharp edges and made juicy surfaced photographs printed on aluminum flashing run through the Epson printer.  The experimenting mimicked the darkroom process; there were duds but there were also photographs full of eye-popping colors that shimmer in raking light.  And isn't that what the Art of Photography is all about, that play with Light?

About Ms. Mills:

Eleanor Mills has been photographing and exhibiting locally and regionally since she landed in Durham in 1989. She took employment in the world of books at a local University. She spent many weekends in the haze of developer, stop bath & fixer, surfacing to eat peanut butter sandwiches and pin-up fiber prints on exhibiting wall in her living room, long before moving into the digital world. Her work has been exhibited several times at Through This Lens.



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